Not really. Just testing. My stats shot up to an all-time high on Monday and I want to see if they shoot up again.

Is it the title I wonder? ‘Axe to grind’.  It means trouble…yeah fight…lets go check it out.


Is it: Wendy has posted a new slogblog? Can’t wait to see what she’s written.

…So, it’s the title, huh!

Let’s explore that.

What’s in a title? I have a huge interest in names (same thing) and when I include an unusual name in my stories, I make reference to it via dialogue, so that my own, personal interest in the name becomes real via the story.

My computer guy (he fixed things for me) is called Neil Buzzard. When he visited my house and introduced himself, so enamored was I with his name, I begged him to let me use it in my new book. He was delighted (naturally), so now one of my main protagonists in ‘The Song of the Underground’ is called Mark Buzzard. (Check out the first seven chapters in my ‘novels’ link)

It was a strange occurrence at the time because I was naming my characters that live below ground after birds, so his name suited the plot perfectly.

Recently I took a name from a dear friend, Valerie Byron. ‘Byron’ the bird catcher is also featured in my new book.

Today I met a guy called Merlin. Yes, that’s his real name. I have asked him if I may use it. If he doesn’t turn me down, Merlin will become the herbal dispenser in my city of Sous Llyndum.

In my previous books, I have Tom Stone, borrowed from another dear friend called John Stone.

In another I used Killa for my female protagonist. Killa is my paternal grandmother’s maiden name.

I initially called that book ‘The Killa girl’, but I was critiqued-out when I was told by numerous fiction slaters that it may mislead the reader, seeing as she wasn’t an actual killer. I still dispute that to this day, but naturally wanting to cater to my audience, it is now called ‘In the shadow of Strangers’. A good enough title, but I would still resort to ‘The Killa Girl, given half a chance.

So, if you want your book read, my advice, for what it’s worth, is to get the title right and throw in some unusual character names, which makes the reader wonder why you chose that. A name they can enjoy for just being what it is.

Byron, Buzzard, Stone, Merlin, Killa…Fabulous. Even though I say so myself.

So, off you go. No axes grinding here.

I’ll tell you tomorrow if my stats shoot up again, based on this title. I may be wrong, but I reckon people love a good rough and tumble. (Smiley face with a wink)


I'm loving all the new blog posts Wendy! Could you write an entry on how to send your manuscript off to publishers? I've finished my first novel but have no idea where to go from here!? Do I look for an agent or just go straight to publishers?? How on earth do I write a synopsis of my story!?!? Any help you could give would be much appreciated, much love XXXXX


I'm on it, Polly. Tomorrow's blog is just for you.


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