Someone once said, ‘Why don’t you self-publish?’

‘No,’ I answered, stamping my foot. ‘I won’t do it, I just won’t do it.’

Then someone said, ‘Why don’t you publish as an eBook?’

‘No, I won’t do it, I just won’t….’

I did it!

Okay, so it’s a cop out.  A cop out, because a part of me is wondering, shouldn’t I still be thrashing around in the publishing sea with all the other fish. At least till I get hooked and thrown back.

The other part sees logic, and knows when thrashing can…just…wear…you…out….zzz

EBooks are 'THE big thing' at the moment and anyone like me who can’t get published, would be crazy to turn down an opportunity to be among the winners of the ePublishing racket.

There was a program on the radio last week, all about a couple of unknown authors who posted their eBooks on Amazon and got over a million hits.  I did the math. 99p less 65% commission per book is…a lot.

That’s when I posted mine and went live on Monday.

24 hours later, I have 3 buyers. (I am Euphoric). Only 999,999,997 to go and I’ll be a millionaire. But, better still, I had a great review. It was so good, if my mother was alive, I would have sworn she wrote it.  The guy, scriptinator, called it brilliant, innovative and stylish. Don’t you just love him as much as I do?

(If scriptinator is reading this, come out and I’ll give you that tenner I owe you).

Everyone else…To help me reach my million and to enable me to continue in the manner I’ve become accustomed to, despite a lack of funds, you can buy ‘the Perfects’ on kindle version here:-

Or here, for all other formats...

I’ll keep you posted.

I bet you’re waiting with baited breath aren’t you?