I’m back.

Back writing, I mean. Oh, what joy, to see the words of my new novel form onto a blank white page! You have surely felt this, dear reader/writer, when a story that doesn’t yet exist, begins to unfold, as you, the author of said masterpiece, pens it with ideas originating and unraveling from the far, dark reaches of your suddenly-creative brain.

You won’t begrudge me this moment, dear reader/writer, when I tell you of a week that has been inspirational and productive and highly rewarding. For doesn’t it make a change?

I took a stand this week.  I found myself blindingly immersed in an internet site that is, and always has been, a place of high interest, evolving friendships, and great works of literature that one can read and offer opinions of, by way of review or critique. BookRix is the name. A peer review site, which takes the writer’s ego and allows it to prosper; leaving the negativity of agents and publishers at its door, allowing its authors of all ages, genres and skills to showcase their talents via virtual books, where the pages actually turn.

But beware, dear reader/writer if you succumb to the envious attractions of this seductively enticing site, because within its wall lurks something that is both terrifying as it is startlingly addictive, like the most potent of drugs. The beast that lies within its virtual walls takes the form of a forum; a term so easily proffered as it rolls off the tongue, yet one that is dangerous to go amidst for fear of being hooked and captured until you can no longer leave unscathed.

This happened to me, dear reader/writer, and thus I urge you to travel carefully the path to its door. Inside the forum are rooms, called groups. And within these rooms, virtual beings await, attempting to enrapture you with their playful banter, their clever wit and their protective voices as they hear your pain.  One such place, I can hardly say its name: the coffee shop; named thus, strategically, with the intention of enticing you to its cyber structure, so that the smell of fresh coffee and newly baked croissants may seduce you, as it refreshes your writing palette.

Its leader, Paper.planes; a woman both mysterious as she is engaging; the coffee shop’s creator and keeper and one who reigns over the inhabitants with a gentle warm embrace. Beware, dear reader/writer, her beguiling, soothing voice, as she takes your hand and leads you inside, and take care when the door is at last closed and the means of escape never to be gained.

And beyond those walls, another, equally as cunning and beguiling, named Lineh; the ruler supreme, the voice of reason when the writers within the rooms revolt and rebel. Lineh: a woman whose influence drives the masses, the one whose undisputed power and effect is unrivaled, a woman we revere with ease and willingness. Mark her word, dear reader/writer, for it is with great wisdom she offers it plain.

So, here I am, free of its clutches for a short time. It was a difficult journey; my escape. It was an action made on a whim as I battled and tore down the vines laden with thorns that held me prisoner within its walls.  Then, with the distraction of its jovial and sometimes explosive debates behind me, the rulers of this strange place once again offered cleverly spun tactics to entice me back into its fold: a winning story, giving me financial rewards; an offering of wealth for a simply penned short prose. How cruel they are, indeed.

But, while their virtual claws grab at my weakness of self-will, I resist, spending a momentous few days completing four more chapters of my new book. Now my office; a haven away from the attractions of the coffee shop, once more echoes the rattling sound of my keyboard, as my fingers fly across its letters, creating pages of a story, oh so dear to me.

Dedicated to Beth (Paper.planes) and inmate, Faith.Ruelle, both of whom are currently recovering from serious illnesses, and to Lineh, who I hope will return soon.

Love Wendyxxx

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