Fiction fatigue!

Yes folks, I have it.

For the past two weeks my poor little fingers have been banging my poor little keyboard and together, we have churned out 15,000 words, more commonly known as eight chapters.

Alongside my book, we (my keyboard and I) have remastered two old scripts, taken from my bottom drawer; the dust blown off with hearty lungs until the air was filled with the remnants of gone-but-not-forgotten. We have entered three more competitions, the more recent with ‘Narrative’ magazine, who offer a startling $3,500 reward. Oh the joy! And with all that going on, we’ve reviewed a few pieces of great works of literature, penned by virtual friends and I (without keyboard) have finished reading Jane Eyre.

So, I asked myself this morning, what is a girl to do when she is just a little weary of words, battered by books, weathered by witing, otherwise known as fiction fatigue? (And yes, I meant to spell witing that way. Writing doesn’t rhyme). What is a girl to do when the relationship with her keyboard turns sour? What does she do when she takes one look at him and thinks he’s fat and ugly? When she touches his digits and thinks they really need some time apart.

Yes, you’ve guessed it. Go shopping!

So, I’m off. All day. And only after I have bought myself a new hair clip, (desperately needed because, I haven’t left the house in weeks and it’s grown to such startling lengths, that my other poor little hairclip won’t hold it up), and only after I buy my kids some new underwear so that their little bottoms don’t pop out of the top, will I return.



Ahh... I was wondering how things were going. Hope the retail therapy did the trick and you now have a suitable, sizable clip to hold up your fair locks.
You will be back I have no doubt after a time of R & R. Don't take too long we need you! x


Hey Wendy,

Why don't you post on this any more?


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