It’s Saturday night, the family's watching Dr. Who (Yuk), so here I am surfing the internet, in one of those aimless kinda ways. Clicked on Facebook; nothing much happening there. Ebay; yep, got a few bids, nothing much else going on. My regular forums; hmm pretty quiet. My favourite home shopping site; yep, just bought another black skirt to go with my other 30 black skirts (varying, fabrics and lengths, in case you’re wondering) and now here I am writing my blog, wondering what to write about.

I’m at a bit of non-productive point with regards to writing my book. You’ve all gone through it. It’s not so much writers block, more like I-just-can’t-be-bothered-block.

Strangely, I was at the same point last year when I was writing The Perfects. I met a lull. The same lull I have now. It’s not serious. It gives me time to catch up with a bit of reading, concentrating on the kid’s homework, doing proper housework (like dusting), meeting friends for a cuppa and a chinwag. And I am positive that soon I will, as I did last year, get a little yearning to write a chapter or two and feel the fire in my belly once more flare up.

In the meantime I’m waiting to see some results of some competitions I have entered.

One of them is The Brit Writers awards. The results are due out any day now, and even though I don’t think I’ve got a chance in hell, I still allow myself an insy-winsy bit of optimism in the hope I have reached the finals.  The other is a flash fiction contest I entered. Once more the results are pending and once more I find myself thinking, if only…

There are more. There always is with me. So I’ll let you know on which day my hopes are once again dashed. I like to be positive!

And while I’m pretty much talking about…well nothing...I must ask you, have you read Jane Eyre?

I’m reading it at the moment (nearly finished, sadly). I read it once when I was a young girl, but now, as I am older and wiser (well older) I have to say it is simply wonderful. Seriously, if you get the mind to, read it again and observe how she does it (Charlotte, I mean). Oh, to be able to write like that. And she did it all with a pen. Classic!

curious follower

Dear Wendy,

Why has all your work disappeared from bookrix? I can't find it anywhere!


Hi Curious
I've pulled out for a while. I need to spend more time concentrating on writing my book. A fabulous site like BookRix is just plain distracting.

I spend all my free time there instead of on my writing and that aint good.
Time to get my rear into gear. (Hey, that's a good title for my new slog blog). Thanks.

And thanks for inquiring


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