So…after that little bit of self-indulgence I offered in my blog yesterday, here we are back to normal.

It occurred to me when I first started this on a regular basis, how do I could keep up the momentum of writing about writing in a positive way, when truth be told, I, like others, have highs and lows; more commonly known as moods.

No one, I pondered, wants to hear me moan about the events in my life, so isn’t it my responsibility to be as up-beat as I possibly can, so that people continue to visit me and leave with a little bit of knowledge of what it’s like for someone/anyone on that ever-elusive road to publication?

‘However’, I say with a shrill-like tone. How do I leave my true emotions on the back burner, whist I pen ever-so-enlightening tales for my readers, when the core of my work is based on truth; open and straight-up?

‘To hell with it,’ I muttered to myself in the wee hours of this morning. I feel like deliberating, expanding and elaborating the thoughts that sieve through my grey matter on an hourly basis.

What I enjoyed about writing yesterdays blog, is that I was able to take my pen and scribe with gentle strokes, words of meaning and verse that, with a little bit of luck, painted a picture of how I see my life path; past, present and future.

That’s what I love about writing; the illustrations, the descriptions of a single thought. Painting words on white paper and arranging them in a way that makes them sing.

Now I am compelled to mention to the beginners out there.  Always read your work back and say it aloud. Speak as if you are humming, so that the words flow in tune with imaginary music.

Only then, when the prose flows freely like notes on a sheet of music, can you release it as done.

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