I had another two today. Rejection letters that is.

I received one via email and I was, of course, as gracious as ever in my acceptance of their response to my submission. Gracious, as in…they didn’t actually hear the words I expelled from my terse lips and what they don’t know can’t hurt them...That kind of gracious!

The second was via proper mail, when I was enjoying my lunch.

Jake (now in Coventry somewhere) dumped the envelope in front of me whilst I slurped my chicken-noodle cup-o-soup. I recognized my handwriting on the front and knew immediately it was another ‘no thank you’ letter by return.

I have to say, when I ripped it open in the vague hope that it may contain a little note with ‘Send us your full M.S.’ written on it, I was a little taken aback at their turn of phrase. Instead of the line I have often fantasised about; ‘We think this could be big’, this one read ‘We don’t wish to represent you.’

Just like that!

Oh, okay! Don’t worry about breaking it to me gently. Say what you mean, no need to flower it up, I thought, as I scraped my noodles from the bottom of the cup; suddenly ravenous.

I thought their one-liner was rather odd. Mainly because I’ve had all the bog standard replies. ‘We love your work, but we feel it’s not for us, good luck elsewhere’…or…’We have already over-committed ourselves this year, so regretfully we have to decline on this occasion…blah, blah, blah.

But this one yesterday, dare I say…it felt an insy-winsy bit abrupt.  A tiny bit curt. A bit...

I often ponder, without an ounce of gloating on my part (ahem), how those agents who rejected JK now feel. Surely, they must be kicking themselves (or someone else) in view of her success.

Wouldn’t heads have rolled, when it was discovered that it was actually Jean on the front desk who sent back the Harry Potter manuscript with a big red cross scrawled on the front.

And where is Jean now? Did they fire her or just demote her? Did she get another job? And if so, did she declare on her CV that it was in fact she who told JK Rowling’s her wizard story would never take off?

Okay, so I’m not JK, but my book is pretty special, in my totally unbiased opinion.

So I ask myself, will I too one day be able to shake hands with a guy at some publishing hot-shot party and look him in the eye, when I tell him it was his agency who told me ‘We don’t wish to represent you’?

Ooh, I hope so! (No malice intended).


Hey Wendy,

Loved the last two blog posts - don't give up, you'll be able to rub your success in those publishers' faces soon enough im sure!!

I'm not actually on bookrix (im too scared to put my work up for show publicly lol), I just scan it from time to time to check out other people's work, to get inspiration, check up on the competition etc...

i was wondering if you had any books you'd recommend reading... i'm always being told that it's essential to read more if i want to be a good writer, but there're SOOOO many books out there, i dont know where to start xD

so is there anything good you've read that i should check out?

im in the process of editing "On the Wings of Love" and im almost done, im so excited!!! :D

what are you working on at the moment?

Thanks again, take care

Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


How rude. No wonder you felt aggrieved. Doesn't hurt to sugar coat rejection, even a tiny bit.
I got one too. Mine was a bit kinder though but STILL A REJECTION. Why do we do it to ourselves? Like falling in love and having your heart broken again and again. It’s addictive and there's always that hope of true love. Ah, well...


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