_ Yes, it's me, your favourite blogger slogger. I have been absent, it's true, and the reasons for that I shall explain in a moment, after I tell you about the two seductresses who have enticed me back to my webpage covered in cobwebs and dust.

Teresa and Jess.

I know Teresa. She is Teresa Hamilton, a gorgeous gal and a great writer and friend, but I'm not sure who Jess is. I love her anyway because she and Teresa made me realise, by urging me to come out of my virtual shell (mainly the end of my hallway where my desk sits), that I have a website here that needs a bit of attention.

Pheeeewwwwww....sorry, cobweb across my logo....gone now

Anyway...here I am with little red cheeks, blushing and ashamed at the notion of deserting something I started and did not maintain. I was full of it at the beginning. A daily blog!! Yep, got nothing else to do, so I'll commit to writing about that elusive road to publication every day! Yes, you heard right. EVERY day!!! I kept at it for at least two weeks before my interest waned and it turned to another part of my life. "You mean your kids?" I hear you say. "Nope," I respond with a toss of the head. "My writing."

I am so far into my book ‘The Song of the Underground’, that everything else has taken a back seat. Even my poor little eight-soon-to-be-nine-year-olds have suffered as the result of this book. But they forgive me. Strange, but true. They actually support my endeavours to become a published writer.  How about that? Proud mama!

So I’m going to upgrade the site. Put a link in to my new book on Amazon (a collection of short stories) and a link to an e.book where I have collaborated with a group of friends.

And I’m going to tell you more about my new novel (almost finished). I’m going to post some artwork someone has done for me, illustrating some of my characters and I know you’re going to love them.

So for now, over and out, but keep watching this space because I’m gonna be back with a vengeance.

Love Wendy xxx


I didn’t realise I was responsible for enticing you back here. I’m so glad I did, even in a virtual mode. It was payback time.
It was you, Wendy, you made me get off MY arse and get my website together and keep at my writing. I was so inspired by what you had achieved here that I thought in my bullish way, ‘if she can do it, so can I!’ And needless to say you gave me so much encouragement and always supplied advice when I was stuck.
I’ve recently struck lucky and got published but I wouldn’t have got there without all my writing friends, of which you are a firm one, who stuck with me and made me pull my bootstraps up when they were sagging. Thank you, my friend.


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