Well, well, well. This is very exciting. Now you know me, I never boast, hmmm, but yesterday was a bit of a revelation. Let me tell you why…

But, before we go any further, I must know…What is the internet etiquette for disclosing stats?  In the outside world, would it be on the same level as that most distasteful, blunderous(*), etiquettless(*) practice of discussing money? Well, I do that too…discuss money, I mean. What can I say? I’m an open book…wallet even!

N.B (*) means I made up the word. Not because I’m trying to be clever, but my ever-exploratory little brain often asks itself, if the guy at the beginning of time, just before he toppled off the tower of Babel, can make words up, why the hell can’t I? Isn’t that what freedom of speech is? Or is that something else? Answers on a postcard.

So, back to bragging (I mean, writing) about my stats… I used to get a fabulous following of 60 people a day (on average). On average because on some occasions they went out for the afternoon and didn’t check in (strange, but true) and on other days, especially when there was a fight going down, I couldn’t get rid of ‘em, and my little chart, on this here Weebly site, peeked…just like we all peek…on occasions.

Well yesterday my peek peeked to 600 visits. Now I’m no mathematician, so when I say that’s an increase of 10%, I am of course wrong, as I am always wrong when it comes to maths. So how much is that? Again answers on a postcard. No, you don’t need two postcards…just put the two answers on the same one!!!!

So, with that 6 million percent increase in stats, I have to ask myself, am I now famous? Or was it a blip? Okay, I launched my new webpage and, yes, its fabulous, and yes some mates of mine were chucking my name around the net like I was the only blogger in cyber space wishing to be a proper writer, and yes maybe my little 60 regulars checked in twice, but apart from that, I must say I’m rather pleased.

Now I haven’t got time to tell you about my new novel. Damn! I talk too much. I’ll just have to do that tomorrow.

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Brag away Wendy, that is quite an accomplishment! I would be bragging too! Don't feel bad or guilty about it. I found you by Marc. This is the first blog I have followed and commented on! So I'm no longer a blog-virgin...rotflmbo! :) Happy Valentines day! See ya tommorrow! :)


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