The Writing Dream

I've been around the Internet for about six years. Since then I seem to have gained the majority over the coveted title of Writingmum. There is one other, but she doesn't get about as much as me, as she no doubt spends time looking after her kids. I do that too sometimes, when I get a minute.

Honestly, it’s a full time job having a strong Internet presence. Just updating ones blog, participating in writing forums, entering contests, reviewing a peer’s work, asking them to review mine, and then editing said work. Trips to Facebook, and Twitterland and to any other self-promotion site that tells the world I am desirous of the title writer, published author, blogger, and that I am not just a mum who writes.

I was there when the Brit Writers Awards began. I remember a group of us opening a forum to talk about the scheme, to compare notes and to encourage each other to give it our very best. In some instances we celebrated messages of joy when a few of us made the short list. No mean feat, we joined them in their success and cheered them on, and when it was all over, we said we'd do it again next year.

So, here we are once more, all of us hopefuls gathering together, putting our stories on the line and urging our Internet writing friends to follow suit.

As an introduction to the BWA shared blog opportunity, I would like to wish everyone the best of luck in the Brit Writers Awards 2012 and to say, if anyone wants to talk about their dreams of success and their hopes of taking that coveted title, Writer of the Year, drop me a line and we'll have a chat. I am a mum after all.

Good luck

Wendy Reakes, aka Writingmum.

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