_ I’m asking this virtual question, because on Friday, I did. Quit, I mean. Nothing too drastic. It was my regular forum where I have enjoyed many a time over the past two years chatting to friends and peers about my one true passion, writing.  I chatted and chatted, tossed a bit of banter here and there, helped other people with their work and I reviewed their stuff, just as they kindly reviewed mine. It was a home from home; somewhere I could relax and have fun, via the written word.

But last week it all came crashing down, when my little nook, namely a group within the forum, was suddenly made void of its leader. He literally left the building and I was left with a great big pile of rubble at my feet with the notion of clearing it up seeming like a momentous task indeed. It was then I realized, as virtual friends and acquaintances withered and slunk away in their droves, that enough was enough.

Really! How much time can we give to an internet site and allow our writing to suffer? And if you can’t control the addiction of spending every waking hour there, at what point do you tell yourself, now is the time to quit? I have to wonder if there is indeed an AA equivalent of internet forums? AFA, perhaps (Acute Forum Addiction). And in such a site, is there a set of twelve steps we should seek to overcome as we delve deeper into the recovery program? Step one: Admitting we are powerless over internet forums. Well, if I find AFA, I will inform at least 50 friends where to find the link. God knows they need it as much as I.

By the way, the guy who left the building, we are great friends and his midnight flight did nothing to change that. In fact I should thank him publicly for making me do what I knew in my heart I should have done a while ago. Thanks, Marc. xx

So, how do you like my new look webpage? Love it, don’t you? I can tell.

So here’s the plan. Whilst I am carrying on with writing my new novel ‘The Song of the Underground’ I shall talk, as I promised in the beginning (before I failed miserably), about that ever elusive road to publication. Expect some mood swings, I am a writer after all and without those little temperamental ups and downs I could hardly call myself one.  In fact I told some people the other day….Writers are passionate. If you’re not passionate, you’re not a writer.  The world according to Wendy Reakes.

So, go have a little look around my website and tomorrow I’ll talk to you about my new book. Bet you can't wait!

Thanks for dropping by
Love Wendy xxx


I think you did the "write" thing. I think I'd also be one to join AIFA, but then that would be another thing to pull me away from writing. Anyway, I enjoy the blog, and the postings are not so frequent as some other sites I'll not mention.


I agree you did the right thing... but you will be missed. I would also join AIFA... but then I would have to quit the forums... besides, mine would not be "acute" lol. It is sad too. sometimes our only lives are on the internet, and we forget how to live in the real world.


Ramblings can turn into much more and you're a lot saucier on here then that other site.... a trait that made me go and read your books. Of course, now here is another blog I will need to get updates and link to both my blogs.

The only real thing is your family and formulating... forums are fun but not favorable to being fruitful. Finding the fitting F word after the flake out to get the fire fueled, will take you into far-reaching fields of flourishing fancy and fix your field of vision on finishing your flights of fresh feelings and facilitating fame. No more WTF's for a fantastic female in the future. Face forward - forgetting the fizzle. From - a friend and fan.


Your website is amazing. It is filled with everything we could want. Information about the wonderful Wendy; blogs -- where you chat to us about whatever comes into that pretty head; books you have written with fabulous artwork; other authors' information (hooray and thank you); and the ability for us to speak out, right at you.

It is unfortunate that our other forum seems to be in a state of collapse, but we are lucky that there are other ways of keeping in touch.

Congratulations, my friend. Hopefully I will be able to raise a glass of champagne to toast your success in the not too distant future. Off to renew my passport. . . .


I am fairly new to that site you are referring to, and it is saddening that things couldn't of been resolved better! I too am struggling but not with the group dissipating, because I had barely gotten there. It is the CONSTANT negative and complaining and non- update informnation on works that upset me so much! I thought that was why we asked to be each others friend. If it doesn't stop I too will have to make some tough decisions to protect my health and sanity! :)
Marc gave me the link and I will certainly bookmark your site. You had to do whatever you had to in order to keep the peace within you. I admire you and support your new home here! Look forward to reading all your works! :)


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