I am semi-retired. The only job I have is cook, bottle washer, cleaner, laundress, chauffeur, official reader of child’s fiction, carer, homework consultant, school network liaison office, dresser, shopper, shoe cleaner, sandwich maker, bookkeeper, telephone answering service, entertainer, host to other people’s kids, brownies and cubs follower, football supporter, tennis supporter, cricket…etc and wife.

So, without much else to fill my day, I have plenty of time to write.

You on the other hand; adoring spectators of my blog(all two of you), get paid for doing a specified job. Therefore, you must attend the institution of your choice to perform a task within an average working day (9til5), five days a week, in most cases.

Then, if you are in ownership of sprogs, as I am, you get to perform the part-time jobs I do, in addition to that nasty thing you call work.

So when do we write? At what point of the day do we disregard our life and sit and indulge ourselves in our writing?

I asked myself this question, when I realized I couldn’t keep writing a daily blog without my screenwriting or research for my new novel suffering.

I was in a quandary. Do I keep ignoring the kids until they beg me to feed them? Do I keep watching the dust until I can see a fly’s footprints in it? Do I keep stepping over the traffic of toys running down the corridor to my office until I can no longer see the thread of the carpet?

Yes, yes and yes!

As long as we want to write, then we must keep writing.

Here’s how to do it…

Get up in the middle of the night when everyone’s asleep. Don’t get dressed until you have to pick the kids up from school. Take them to a play area, where you can insert a pair of earplugs and use your laptop. Order take-outs, shop on-line, take the phone off the hook, send a text to your husband (or wife), so you don’t have to use precious time talking to them, and generally be as selfish as you possibly can (without any dangerous consequences), so that you can lose yourself in a perfect world of prose, where nothing else matters.

There endeth the lesson.

Keep writing!

Caro parry

What a life,eh? Super-mum, super-duper wife! Up and comin' super writer! Xx good luck

Wend xx!!
Love Caroline xx
( killing 2birds with one stone... Writing this on the loo!!) lol! Xx


hey wendy, good blog post. what's your new novel about? x


The song of the underground.

It's gonna be fab!


Hi, Caroline. I remember you as being the supermum in the family.
Dont know how many years ago it was, but after you gaev me a run down of your average day, I remember thinking, if I ever have kids, I aint doing all that. I'll get a nanny.
Famous last words!


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