I may have talked about this before, in a fashion, about how ready we really are, when we decide to submit that manuscript.

I remember my first novel. ‘Brilliant’, I thought as I typed ‘The End’. I read it back once and decided without a single doubt in my mind that it was going to be a Worldwide No. One Best Seller, otherwise known as a WOB. And as I popped it into a brown envelope and sealed the seal, I pondered my availability to do book tours.  And what would I wear? What do authors throw on these days? Are they still wearing long hippy skirts, velvet scarves draped around their necks and their grey hair tied up randomly on the top of their head? If so, would I get away with such a look? Could I be different and go to the meeting with my potential publisher wearing my customary black? Would stepping out of the regular writer’s uniform be frowned upon? It was a dilemma. Truly!

But then I got knocked back.

My second novel was also going to be the next big WOB.  I edited that one twice. I sent it out to the same agents who rejected me the first time around. ‘Okay. You didn’t want the first one, but you’re gonna be hard pressed to turn down this book. It’s a potential goldmine. Yes, of course I’d be happy to discuss a deal for the film rights. Hey, I’ll write the script.  

But…I never got the chance to have that discussion. I was rejected….I mean my book was rejected once more.

So my third WOB, which I’m currently writing is the one where I have to get it absolutely right. It’s one thing having a fantastic book with a hot story, but if you can’t sell yourself, your synopsis is weak and your M.S hasn’t been edited at least three times, then you can forget a publishing deal…unless you’re one of the lucky ones with a halo hovering over your head and just so happens to be in the right place at the right time.

So when is the right time?

Today I entered a contest. It’s a contest with a major publishing house for a £25,000 book advance and publication. The book doesn’t have to be finished and you only have to send the first 5000 words, a synopsis and a bio. I’m not advertising on here, because I don’t want too much competition (smiley face with evil green eyes), but if you send me a note I will of course impart that piece of knowledge, which could change your life forever….As it is about to change mine. Smiley face with a halo above.

First, thanks for your great review. I am so thrilled that you read my book and posted your thoughts.

Second - now I get it! At first I could not figure out why you were getting so many hits on your website when I was getting just a few. The reason is so simple (hits head with fist) - you have a blog!!! People come to read what you have to say. I do not have a blog, so no-one comes back a second time to read the same old stuff. How silly of me. And how clever of you. Of course a blog will bring in interested readers. Keep on writing, Wendy, and we will keep coming back to read and watch your journey to SUCCESS!!!


Hi, Val
Yep, the two people who pop back every now and then, do so to read what I have to say. They love me!!
Thanks for posting. Wendy xx


Nice to read you wendy i wish u will get whatever you want.


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