I couldn’t write last week. Not even my blog.

It wasn’t as if I wasn’t inspired. I am always inspired! It’s not that I had other things I preferred to do. As if! And it wasn’t that I failed to type that first line to get me fired up for the rest.

'No!' I proclaim, shaking my head.

I am (always have been), someone who must achieve. Simple!  

Writing (that thing they call a profession which most of don’t get paid for) is all about achievement.  The ‘A word’ must touch most of us at some point and all of us must appreciate it as a terrific high.

For example, “I wrote some flash fiction today. It was only 100 words but I had a great sense of achievement!” or “I finished my novel yesterday. I feel so good.” or “My book’s coming out next week…”

Yeah, writing is all about the highs and when you’re a manic high achiever like me, the worst thing that can happen is nothing. And nothing is happening now…As we speak.

So that’s why I’ve just spent the whole week making lego buildings.

I was there, like this person deranged, building and building, until my dining room table was awash with colored bricks. I became so insane, I even told my kids to try not to break any of them. We could build a whole city,” I said, excitedly.

That’s when they gave me a patronizing glance, grabbed the remote and turned the tele on.

Nevertheless, and with my kids lack of enthusiasm put to one side, and after I had built my city (however small), I found myself being able to write again.  

Now, while I’m waiting for that break into publishing; an agent to call or even some news of a competition short list...and if I need a big strong dose of ‘A’, I can, without any regard for blocks of the writers variety, get the lego out and build skyscrapers; red, white and blue.

I recommend it highly!

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